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Dead coal mines everywhere are being reincarnated as solar farms

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 08:45
Echo Huang for Quartz: The Berkeley Energy Group is planning to turn a strip mine in the Appalachians into a solar power plant that could produce somewhere between 50 to 100 MW of power in 2018.
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RBI Solar Ground Mount Solar Racking

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 15:14
RBI ground mount solar systems are designed and engineered for each customer’s site specific conditions to minimize the field installation labor and require no field welding, drilling, or other on-site fabrication. Our meticulous project planning and precise execution combine to provide you with solar racking solutions that are tailored to the unique conditions of your location. RBI provides a wide range of PV mounting systems in various sizes to offer freedom and flexibility to support every type of PV module. RBI Solar ground mount system is a perfect utility scale solar racking solution with two models classified by Intertek to UL subject 2703. ETL Classified systems include proven models GM-I and GM-T which have been used on many large commercial and utility scale solar racking projects across the country.
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Indoor Farms of America Brings World's First Solar Powered Vertical Aeroponic Farm, Announces More International Sales

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 11:28
Indoor Farms of America announces the first fully operating, 100% solar powered vertical aeroponic indoor farm in the world.
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U.S. Solar Market Notches Another Quarter of 2 GW Growth, But Uncertainty Holds Back Installations

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 08:43
The U.S. installed more than 2 gigawatts (GW) of solar photovoltaics (PV) in the third quarter of 2017, despite experiencing higher prices across all market segments and major policy uncertainty.
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Batteries can’t solve the world’s biggest energy-storage problem. One startup has a solution.

Wed, 12/13/2017 - 08:58
Akshat Rathi for Quartz: Electrochaea has also figured out a way to power the whole enterprise with the excess green energy produced during particularly sunny and windy days that otherwise would have gone to waste, because there would have been no way to store it.
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The Trade Show You Shouldn’t Miss – CES

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 11:10
There Is no experience like CES with the largest global gathering of innovation and the connected future of technology with 4,000 exhibiting companies—600 of which are new.
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Solar power advances possible with new 'double-glazing' device

Mon, 12/11/2017 - 08:40 A new 'double-glazing' solar power device – which is unlike any existing solar panel and opens up fresh opportunities to develop more advanced photovoltaics – has been invented by University of Warwick researchers.
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Recycled Mercedes Batteries Could Power Your House

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 09:50
Andrew Chesterton for The Motor Report: Mercedes-Benz is considering using old car batteries to power your house. The plan would see the German manufacturer rolling out a second-life program for its lithium-ion batteries to combat rival Tesla's Powerwall.
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Case Study: Whirlpool Corporation, Sustainability From Factory to Home

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 12:22
Whirlpool partnered with Schneider Electric to design an actionable, global sustainability strategy and implement it across 40 global manufacturing sites. The key to the success of the program is data.
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The International Solar Alliance Becomes Legal December 6

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 12:21
The future of the International Solar Alliance, known as the ISA, looks bright. The organization is set to become official on Dec. 6, 2017. On the first day the ISA agreement was opened to other countries in Marrakesh, Morocco, it received 15 signatures.
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Kennedys, Kochs help kill planned wind farm off Cape Cod

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 08:59
Fox News: A plan to build scores of offshore, electricity-generating windmills within eyesight of the Kennedy compound and numerous other tony properties in one of America’s wealthiest, and most scenic areas, is officially dead in the water.
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Can We Harvest Energy from Space?

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:55
Harvesting energy from space might be a long way off, but there are many technologies that already exist to make this endeavor achievable. While we don't know the future of harvesting energy from space, it is stimulating to see such ideas.
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The Sunshine for Mines Program

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:52
Sunshine for Mines works as a thought leadership group, industry consultant, and technical advisor for mining companies and mine sites that are interested in how renewable energy can help improve both their economic bottom line and their environmental bottom line.
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Solar powered smart windows break 11% efficiency

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 09:07
John Fitzgerald Weaver for Electrek: The smart window lowers building temperatures by shifting from clear to opaque under strong sunlight. When the shift to opaque occurs, the solar prototype begins electricity production.
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Combining solar panels and agriculture makes land more productive

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 09:02
Karen Graham for Digital Journal: An agrophotovoltaics (APV) pilot project conducted at Lake Constance has proven that farming and the use of solar panels can be compatible.
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The Evolution of PV Technology

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 11:04
There have been three key eras of PV technology development: PV1.0, marked by the birth of the silicon PV cell and exploration around the application of clean energy; PV2.0, which brought about the global mass commercialization of solar and more affordable yet lower quality module technologies; and PV3.0, the era we are just now entering.
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The North Bay's Largest Recycler of Rubble Materials: A Solar Tracker Case Study

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 11:00
The Soiland Company's solar project exceeded the company's production goals, with 2,096 kWh peak day production to date (offsetting quarry demand as early as 7:00AM). Matching the system's annual production would require a 330kW+ fixed array, or an additional 528 PV panels.
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Tesla Fulfilled Its 100-Day Australia Battery Bet. What’s That Mean for the Industry?

Wed, 11/29/2017 - 08:46
Julian Spector for GTM: "The world's largest gridscale battery - the Hornsdale Power Reserve battery - charged for the first time at 8.36am and reached 31 MW in 2 mins," tweeted Audrey Zibelman, the leader of Australia's energy market operator, on Friday.
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Now Measure All Flow Energy In Your Facility — One Solution — Three Metering Technologies

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 11:08
Facilities managers at large facilities often have the challenging task of managing all the flow energy in their facility with the mandate from upper management to save money on energy costs.
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Drones in the Wind Industry

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 11:00
Drone-based inspections provide cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities of over $600/turbine when compared to ground-based inspections. The savings value is two folds ($1200/turbine) when compared to corrective/reactionary maintenance.
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