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Summer Solstice Solar Celebration Scheduled For Sunset Valley, Texas

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 16:42
The Summer Solstice is coming up next week, and two local businesses are planning a special Summer Solstice Solar Celebration & Solar Installation Unveiling!
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Natural Power supports construction of European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 12:34
Following the final turbine installation at the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), Scotland's largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility, Natural Power is delighted to have been involved throughout the construction phase supporting the Environment and Consents Manager for the Vattenfall development.
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Solar Storage: Can Innovations Make Solar Accepted?

It is clear that solar power is a real contender for a reliable and affordable energy source if the issue of storage is overcome. Some of these solutions go a long way to showing that smart houses and bio-powered vehicles running on solar energy may become a reality.
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Talking Intersolar with IMO Precision Controls

IMO Precision Controls will be exhibiting at Intersolar Europe booth B3.149. We will be exhibiting our two core solar safety products - the FireRaptor Solar Panel Rapid Shutdown solution, and the SI/SIM ranges of TRUE DC solar isolators.
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Europe embraces consumer-led solar revolution

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 10:04
EU law provides solid backdrop for new UK solar framework
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Wind turbine ice detection

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 09:42
Minimize power production loss and increase safety
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Jolywood's N-type High-efficiency Bifacial Technologies Receive Praise from SPIC At SNEC 2018

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 09:01
Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co. Ltd. (Jolywood), the world's leading supplier of N-type high efficiency bifacial solar cells and modules, has received praise for its latest achievements in PV technology and for its lineup of innovative new products from the State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC), among other attendees at SNEC 2018.
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Solar Industry Experts Launch New Company Brand In New Jersey

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 09:00
The Orbit Energy & Power brand emphasizes its commitment to sustainable energy by providing a full spectrum of renewable energy services, unmatched in our industry today.
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New sonnen and SunPower Program Brings Innovation and Superior Solar + Storage Technology Solutions to Residential Customers

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 08:58
Collaboration provides best-in-class sustainable technology solutions for the growing number of American households seeking high performance products that support a future for clean energy
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SolAero Technologies Awarded Contract to Provide Solar Panels to SSL

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 08:57
The solar panels will be manufactured in SolAero's state-of-art production facility in Albuquerque, NM. The panels will be populated with SolAero's industry-leading, 32.0% efficient IMM (Inverted Metamorphic) multi-junction solar cells that, at end-of-life, generate in excess of 10% more power than other solar cells in production today.
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Canadian Solar launches the next generation solar modules: bifacial, high power density and over 400 W poly HiKu modules at Intersolar Europe

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 08:56
Canadian Solar's BiKu modules are at the forefront of high efficiency dual-cell bifacial modules in the industry. Its poly bifacial modules have up to 365 W power output on the front side and 75% bifaciality.
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EDF Renewables Signs Agreement with Alliant Energy to Advance Iowa’s Renewable Energy Leadership

Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 08:54
Alliant Energy’s Iowa Energy Company to Purchase 200 MW Iowa Wind Project upon Completion
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Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 08:52
The importance of charging systems for e-mobility is reflected in a wide range of presentations and panel discussions at Power2Drive Europe.
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Alternative Energy - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 08:25
New inverters and a power optimizer will be added to SolarEdge’s commercial PV suite
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The CO2 capturing ability of cellulose dissolved in NaOH(aq) at low temperature

RSC - Green Chem. latest articles - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 06:14
Green Chem., 2018, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C8GC01092G, Paper Open Access &nbsp This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported Licence.Maria Gunnarsson, Diana Bernin, Asa Ostlund, Merima Hasani
Herein, we explore the intrinsic ability of cellulose dissolved in NaOH(aq) to reversibly capture CO2. The stability of cellulose solutions differed significantly when adding CO2 prior or after the dissolution...
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Cyclic Allylic Carbonates as a Renewable platform for Protecting Chemistry in Water

RSC - Green Chem. latest articles - Thu, 06/14/2018 - 05:14
Green Chem., 2018, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C8GC01622D, Communication Open Access &nbsp This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported Licence.Peter Olsen, Jennifer Morvan, Supaporn Sawadjoon, Andrey Shatskiy, Eric Johnston, Bjorn Akermark
The present work explores different cyclic allylic carbonates as a potential class of allylcarbamate precursors. The 5-membered carbonate formed a carbamate with very good thermal and pH stability which could...
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A novel intramolecular cyclization-induced fluorescent "turn-on" probe for detection of Pd2+ based on Tsuji-Trost reaction

RSC - Anal. Methods latest articles - Wed, 06/13/2018 - 23:10
Anal. Methods, 2018, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C8AY00965A, PaperBaolong Huo, Man Du, Aijun Gong, Mengwen Li, Leqiu Fang, Ao Shen, Yaru Lai, Xue Bai, yunxu yang
Palladium, as a toxic heavy metal, poses a great threat to the environment and human health. It is essential to achieve the purpose of detecting trace amounts of palladium. In...
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Transformation of Lignin Model Compounds to N-substituted Aromatics via Beckmann Rearrangement

RSC - Green Chem. latest articles - Wed, 06/13/2018 - 22:09
Green Chem., 2018, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C8GC00920A, PaperYinling Wang, Yiman Du, Jianghua He, Yuetao Zhang
Here we represented the highly effective cleavage of C-C bonds in lignin model compounds for the production of N-substituted aromatics in up to 96% total yield, including benzonitriles and amides,...
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New Solar+Storage Tool Capabilities Help Users Assess Facility Resilience and Energy Cost Savings

Alternative Energy - Wed, 06/13/2018 - 16:15
National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s online solar+storage optimization tool, REopt Lite, includes new resilient power system design features.
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AWEA statement on Connecticut offshore wind procurement

Alternative Energy - Wed, 06/13/2018 - 16:14
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued the following statement in response to Connecticut announcing the procurement of 200 megawatts of offshore wind:
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