Cocrystalline Mixtures of Titanyl Fluorophthalocyanine and Unsubstituted Titanyl Phthalocyanine: The Mechanical Amorphization Process, Its Characterization, and Conditions for Cocrystallization by Michel Molaire & al

x-ray diffraction pattern of mechanically amorphized mixture of titanyl phthalocyanine pigments

NIP20: International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies Salt Lake City, UT; October 2004; p. 487-491; ISBN / ISSN: 0-89208-253-4

October 2004

Cocrystalline mixtures of titanyl fluorophthalocyanine (TiOFPc) and unsubstituted titanyl phthalocyanine (TiOPc) have been reported. Their preparation method involves a mechanical amorphization step (dry milling), followed by “re-crystallization” with an organic solvent, having a hydrogen bonding parameter γc lower than 9.0. In this presentation, we will discuss the importance of the purity of the TiOPc for control of the mechanical amorphization process, as well as facilitation of co-crystallization. A novel two-step milling procedure, thermal characterization methods of amorphicity, and mixture composition will be introduced.