A Semi-Empirical Model For Dip Coating: Thickness and Thickness Uniformity Control by Michel F. Molaire

NIP21: International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies Baltimore, MD; September 2005; p. 17-19; ISBN / ISSN: 0-89208-257-7

September 2005   http://www.imaging.org/IST/store/epub.cfm?abstrid=33271

Dip coating is the preferred method for manufacturing photoconductor drums. For high quality color applications, thickness and thickness profile uniformity control is essential. We have developed a semi-empirical model capable of predicting these two quantities at various coating conditions. We have found that the coating withdrawal speed, the viscosity of the coating fluid, its surface tension, and the boiling point (vapor pressure) of the coating solvent are sufficient parameters to characterize the coating space for a given formulation/coating machine system. The model was developed using the theory derived by P. Groenveld in “Thickness Distribution in Dip- Coating.”¹