A Universal Printer Benchmark Test Protocol by Michel F. Molaire & al

2nd International Symposium on Technologies for Digital Photo Fulfillment, Las Vegas, Nevada, ISBN / ISSN: 978-0--89208-283-4

February 2009   http://www.imaging.org/ist/store/physpub.cfm?seriesid=32&pubid=908

Digital printing devices (electrophotographic, inkjet, thermal) are competing fiercely in the digital fulfillment space. Image quality and cost per page are two important yardsticks helping the choice of a device for a given application. What is often overlooked is the robustness of that device under various usage conditions. This paper will discuss a universal benchmark test protocol that is robustness based, and present quantitative ranking of printers’ performance. The test can be used for benchmarking printers from several manufacturers, or benchmark new components of a particular printer for quality improvement. We will benchmark specifically several electrophotographic printers. However, the method can be applied to inkjet or thermal printers.