US 5,629,418 : Preparation of titanyl fluorophthalocyanines


Molaire, Michel F. (Rochester, NY)
Kaeding, Jeanne E. (Rochester, NY)
Gruenbaum, William T. (Rochester, NY) 


Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY) 

Titanyl fluorophthalocyanines, and electrophotographic elements, and a method for preparing titanyl fluorophthalocyanine having the steps of: dissolving titanyl fluorophthalocyanine in acid to form a solution; admixing the solution and water to precipitate out amorphous titanyl fluorophthalocyanine; washing the amorphous titanyl fluorophthalocyanine until substantially all of the acid is removed; and retaining the amorphous titanyl fluorophthalocyanine under ambient conditions of wetness/dryness and temperature exclusive of conditions combining both dryness and a temperature of greater than about 50° C.