US 6,294,301 : Polymer and photoconductive element having a polymeric barrier layer


Sorriero, Louis J. (Rochester, NY)
O'regan, Marie B. (Santa Barbara, CA)
Molaire, Michel F. (Rochester, NY) 


Nexpress Solutions LLC (Rochester, NY) 

In a photoconductive element comprising a conductive support, e.g., an electrically conductive film, drum or belt on which a negatively chargeable photoconductive layer is formed, an electrical barrier layer is formed between the support and the photoconductive layer. The barrier layer provides a high energy barrier to the injection of positive charges but transports electrons under an applied electric field. The barrier layer of the invention transports charge by electronic rather than ionic mechanisms and, therefore, is not substantially affected by humidity changes. The barrier layer comprises a polyester-co-imide, polyesterionomer-co-imide or polyamide-co-imide having covalently bonded as repeating units in the polymer chain, aromatic tetracarboxylbisimide groups of the formula: ##STR1##
wherein Ar1 and Ar2 represent, respectively, tetravalent and trivalent aromatic groups of 6 to 20 carbon atoms.