US :6,517,984 : Silsesquioxane compositions containing tertiary arylamines for hole transport


Ferrar, Wayne Thomas (Fairport, NY)
Cowdery-corvan, Jane Robinson (Webster, NY)
Gruenbaum, William Tod (Rochester, NY)
Kaeding, Jeanne Ellen (Rochester, NY)
Molaire, Michel Frantz (Rochester, NY)
Sorriero, Louis Joseph (Rochester, NY) 
Assignee:  Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg, DE) 
An electrophotographic element comprises: an electrically conducting layer, a charge generating layer overlying the electrically conducting layer, and a charge transport layer overlying the electrically conducting layer. The charge transport layer, which can be an overcoat overlying the charge generating layer, comprises the reaction product in an aqueous medium of a mixture comprising a silsesquioxane polymer and a hole transport compound that comprises a tertiary arylamine containing at least one alcoholic or one phenolic hydroxy substituent.