US 6,541,171 : Sleeved photoconductive member and method of making


Chowdry, Arun (Rochester, NY)
Cormier, Steven (Rochester, NY)
Grabb, Dennis (Sodus, NY)
Herrick, Diane M. (Rochester, NY)
May, John W. (Rochester, NY)
Miskinis, Edward T. (Rochester, NY)
Molaire, Michel F. (Rochester, NY)
Tan, Biao (Rochester, NY)
Tombs, Thomas N. (Brockport, NY) 
NexPress Solutions LLC (Rochester, NY) 

A photoconductive sleeved primary image-forming member roller for use in an electrophotographic machine comprising a central member including a rigid cylindrical core member and a compliant layer formed on the core member; and a flexible replaceable removable photoconductive sleeve member in the form of an endless tubular belt that surrounds and non-adhesively intimately contacts the central member.