US 7,541,124 : Condensation polymer photoconductive elements

Molaire, Michel F. (Rochester, NY, US)
Ferrar, Wayne T. (Fairport, NY, US)
Weiss, David S. (Rochester, NY, US)
Wilson, John C. (Rochester, NY, US) 
Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY, US) 

Tthe present invention relates to photoconductive elements having an electrically conductive support, an electrical barrier layer and, disposed over the barrier layer, a charge generation layer capable of generating positive charge carriers when exposed to actinic radiation. The electrical barrier layer, which restrains injection of positive charge carriers from the conductive support, comprises a crosslinker, a crosslinkable condensation polymer having as a repeating unit a planar, electron-deficient, tetracarbonylbisimide group.