US 7,550,240: Newtonian, ultrasonic-insensitive charge generating layer dispersion composition and a method for producing the composition

Molaire, Michel F. (Rochester, NY, US)
Cowdery-corvan, Jane R. (Webster, NY, US)
Lobo, Lloyd (Rochester, NY, US)
Zubil, Theodore (Honeoye Falls, NY, US)
Miskinis, Edward T. (Rochester, NY, US)
Fronheiser, Dennis R. (Rochester, NY, US) 
Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY, US) 

This invention relates to electrophotographic elements containing a layer formed from coating compositions containing a mixture of polymeric binders, including a polyvinyl butyral and a polyester ionomer and a crystalline mixture of unsubstituted titanyl phthalocyanine pigment, titanyl phthalocyanine pigments or mixtures thereof dispersed in the mixture. More particularly the invention relates to electrophotographic elements containing photoconductive layers which are especially useful for forming a photoconductive layer that is very uniform and highly absorptive at relatively thin coverage with good inter layer adhesion. The electrophotographic elements produced using this coating composition are particularly suited for high quality applications such as providing copy images with very low grain.