Mike Molaire's Resume




Senior Research Associate Chemist Senior materials, formulation and coating scientist with extensive interdisciplinary experience spanning project leadership, materials research, process development, OEM sales, business analysis and planning.

  •  Strong analytical thinking leading to quick problem diagnosis and creative, practical solutions.
  •  Proven project leader successful in developing novel materials, formulations and processes for several products. 
  •  Prolific inventor holding 57 US Patents. Author of numerous scientific publications and presentations.


  • Project leadership
  • Formulation development
  • Creative problem solver 
  • Nano-size pigment dispersions
  • Polymeric materials 
  • Material compatibility Taguchi methods,
  • Blocked isocyanate systems, 
  • Robustness testing of digital printers,
  • Crosslinkable urethanes
  • Photoreceptor formulation and development, 
  • Sol-gel overcoats
  • Infrared sensitive pigment for electrophotography
  • Molecular glasses 
  • Electrophotographic transfer materials
  • Coating technology 
  • Free-volume effects in imaging systems
  • UV curing systems 



Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY 2004-2010

Senior Research Associate Chemist 

Senior formulation scientist responsible for project leadership, planning, team members coaching, and technical leadership.

  •  Developed a multilayer photoreceptor drum formulation and accompanied manufacturing process. Instrumental in the implementation of a $30M multi-station dip coating photoreceptor drum manufacturing process.
  •  Developed a universal protocol for benchmarking digital printers to quantify robust performance using quality engineering methods.
  •  Identified and implemented key improvements to reduce cost (40% saving) and improve quality of a transfer roller product for high production digital printing.
  •  Developed new concepts and demonstrated static dissipative polymeric composition having controlled conductivity for electrophotographic transfer materials, enabling next generation digital printer.


Nexpress Solutions, LLC, Rochester, NY 1999 - 2004

Project Leader

Led the development of photoreceptor drum technology for a clean-sheet $1M production digital printer

  •  Led a team in the development of a sol-gel overcoat for a photoreceptor drum used in a digital production printer.
  •  Led a team in the development of a manufacturing plan for novel photoreceptor architecture for a clean-sheet $1M digital production printer.
  •  Led the implementation of the first phase of the above plan: installation and operation of a $1.5M dip coating pilot coater.


Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY 1997-1999

Project Manager, OEM Photoreceptor Materials

Responsible for technical interactions with customer, developing project plans, and technical leadership.

  •  Led a team in the research & development of organic photoreceptor materials for OEM sales.
  •  Provided extensive consulting support to OEM customers, assisting them in adapting our OEM chemistry to their manufacturing plants resulting in several long term contracts. 
  • Traveled to plants across the US and Thailand to identify material requirements and develop processes and solutions. Oversaw scale-up and testing to support manufacturing.
  •  Led a team in the improvement of the manufacturing process of several commercial organic photoconductors for increased capacity, satisfying both internal and OEM needs.


Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY 1990-1997

Research Associate, Organic Photoconductor Labs, Copy Product Division

Responsible for research and development of photosensitive materials.

  • Demonstrated an organic PC drum to replace the outsourced amorphous silicon drum used in the Kodak EK85/EK90 copiers.
  • Developed the photoconductor drum (formulation and coating process) for the "Enchanter" desktop full color printer program. 
  • Worked with outside PC drum manufacturers to adapt our PC formulation for production at their plant.
  • Coordinated extensive evaluation of PC drums from three OM vendors.


Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY 1998-1990

Business Analyst, Diversified Technology Electronic Interconnect System Laboratory

Key Results:

  • Conducted analysis of the printed circuit board industry and developed a proposal for a competitive entry strategy. 
  • Contributed to the development of a business plan for a Tape Automated Bonding project, providing cost estimate models, a manufacturing strategy, competitive technology assessment, and a decision and risk analysis assessment of the project strategies.


Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY 1987-1988

Technical Staff Assistant to Director, Chemistry Division, Research Labs

  •  Participated in budget planning, affirmative action planning & reporting, record retention and review, space planning and allocation. 

  •  Interacted with Laboratory heads of the Division and the Research laboratories Financial Administration staff.


Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY 1977-1987

Research Polymer Chemist, Chemistry Division, Research Labs

Supporting interdivisional projects

Significant contributions:

  • Invented novel molecular glass material class enabling the introduction of the first Kodak 14-inch Optical Disk System 6800 organic media, the world’s first large capacity optical disk storage medium at the time.
  • Designed, synthesized, and developed cross-linkable acrylate monomers useful as surface smoothing layer for optical recording media substrates, and barrier layers for electrophotographic photoreceptors.
  • Invented and developed an electrographic imaging process and materials useful for color filter array fabrication and xerographic master applications.
  • Developed and studied high-temperature resistant photopolymerizable compositions useful for macroresist, abrasion resistant coatings, printed circuit board and automated tape bonding applications


Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, Ny 1974-1977

Chemical Technician, Chemistry Division, Research Labs


Key Results:

  •  Participated in novel polyester research for high-temperature film support development.
  •  Developed a scale-up synthetic procedure for a polyester adhesive additive in the photoreceptor belt used in the original Kodak Ektaprint copier.



MS, Chemical Engineering/Polymer Science, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

MBA, Executive Development , University of Rochester Simon School, Rochester, NY

BS, Chemistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY



Dispersion Characterization

Taguchi Robust Technology

Dispersion of Pigment and Resin in Fluid Media

Design of Experiments

TRIZ Methodology of Inventive Problem Solving

Digital Color Printing Electronic Imaging Input-Output Devices Fusing Technologies

Color and its Inplementation in Digital Printing Systems

Patent Law Review

Organic Electronic Materials and Devices

Evaluating Inkjet Technolo

Inkjet Printing Technologies (Physics and Chemistry)

Toner Materials Relationship