Recommendations for Michel (Mike) F. Molaire Senior Research Associate Chemist Eastman Kodak
“I have known Mike for more than 10 years at Eastman Kodak. He acted as a contact and resource for information for me on a several projects. Mike has a keen understanding of the technical details of the electrophotographic process. He was always willing to share his knowledge and work toward the best possible business outcome even under very difficult schedules and budgetary restrictions. He worked well with external partners to ensure that appropriate specifications were in place and to ensure long term product quality during product development. Mike has a calloborative style and works well within a project team to get things done. In short, he has the technical and team skills to be a strong asset in any challenging research or product development environment.”                                                                              
November 21, 2010,  Charles Christ, Director R&D and Product Development, Eastman Kodak worked with Michel (Mike) F. at EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY 
“Mike is an extremely creative and knowledgeable contributor with a positive "can do" attitude and broad range of capabilities that makes him a valuable member on any team. Mike routinely demonstrates the ability to "work through" complex technical issues with a blend of exhaustive study and hands on experimentation. Seldom have I worked with someone so comfortable in both the Research Library and the Research Lab. In addition, Mike has an expertise in intellectual property allowing him to protect the inventions he creates. problem with enthusiasm and objectivity. Mike also has a unique "technology neutral" perspective. He considers all possible alternatives, before choosing a technical approach. I would recommend Mike for any advanced technical role without hesitation. Mike would be an asset to any technical team.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
October 11, 2010,  Joe Manico, Senior Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak worked directly with Michel (Mike) F. at EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
“Michel was a knowledgeable and creative individual contributor to my advanced development project at Kodak. A great team player, Michel contributed beyond his specific job responsibilities, for example in providing the team an Access database for tracking IP.”                                                                                                                                       
October 5, 2010, Bill Fowlkes, Director New Printing Systems, Eastman Kodak Company managed Michel (Mike) F. at Eastman Kodak
“Mike is inventive, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. Mike tackled several challenging projects delivering solutions that were practical as well as effective. An expert in coatings, on joining our group he quickly identified improvements and extended the understanding of a long-established reactive coating for a critical product. Mike has a rare ability to span chemistry, engineering and physics; a versatility that we successfully relied on in our rapidly changing environment.”                                        
October 4, 2010 1st Jerry Pickering, Manager, Coatings for Electrophotography, Eastman Kodak managed Michel (Mike) F. at Eastman Kodak Project Leader & NexPress Solutions
“Michael was one of our critical project leaders responsible for some of our breakthrough technology development. He was able to tackle some of the more complex chemical and engineering challenges inherent in our best in class digital imaging system. His leadership and his team's efforts resulted in industry leading solution. His technical and leadership skills were consistently recognized as superior. He was a good team player and a collaborative member of the Technology Leadership team.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
November 2, 2010 1st Venkat 'Puru' Purushotham, President/CEO, NexPress subsidiary, Kodak managed Michel (Mike) F. indirectly at NexPress Solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
“Michel Molaire is a results oriented person who is an expert at taking an experimental formulation through optimization to commercialization. His forte is in rapidly determining, through experimental design, the most productive direction to take as a process moves from the research labs to pre-commercialization to commercialization. He is very hard working, dedicated, and intensely focused on the ultimate goal. He is an excellent colleague and thrives on the give-and-take atmosphere necessary for success.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
October 10, 2010, David Weiss, Scientist Fellow, Eastman Kodak worked directly with Michel (Mike) F. at NexPress Solutions Formulation Chemist, Office Imaging Division Eastman Kodak
“I have known Mike Molaire professionally for about 25 years, and was his direct supervisor for 5 years. Mike has been very successful in a broad range of assignments at Kodak. He has worked in product and process development, and research, first as a very strong individual contributor and team leader. Among Mike’s many outstanding qualities are: - strong technical/materials science/business background, very fast learner, outstanding skills in complex problem solving, creative and highly motivated, particularly in merging product, process and customer needs - excellent team member and leader. Mike’s technical depth, personal commitment and customer focus make him an outstanding candidate for a broad range of opportunities. I enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend Mike.”
October 19, 2010 1st Joseph Pavlisko, Manager Materials Development, Eastman Kodak managed Michel (Mike) F. at EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
“I have known Mike for over thirty years. He is a very talented individual who is at ease tackling tough research problems, product development and /or business development. Through his years of experience at Kodak and Nexpress, he has developed a unique set of skills that would prove invaluable to others.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
August 1, 2012 Glen PearsonAss Dir Global Mfg Tech, Eastman Kodak Company managed Michel (Mike) F. indirectly at Eastman Kodak