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NIP 28 Short Course SC23-T2 : Free-Volume Effects in Imaging Systems, by MiKe Molaire, MOLAIRE CONSULTING

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NIP28 28th International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies, Society for Imaging Science & Technology

Tuesday September 11, 2013 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM (2 hours)

Free-Volume Effects in Imaging Systems by Michel (Mike) Frantz Molaire Principal, Molaire Consulting


The majority of imaging systems consist of dispersed and /or dissolved image-active molecules in polymeric matrixes. The glass temperature Tg of the polymeric matrix, the characteristic of the imaging mixture (compatibility, miscibility, thermal history), and the operating temperature critically influence the imaging process. The free-volume theory provides a framework to analyze and describe the impact of various manufacturing processes on the imaging process.

This tutorial will review the free-volume theory emphasizing the key and important concepts. Examples of free-volume imaging effects in photopolymerizable dry-film systems, photoresists, photoreceptor drums, sol gel overcoats and photochromic systems will be presented. We will further propose general imaging mechanisms that are susceptible to free-volume influence and techniques to overcome and minimize those effects.