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US 20040069217 : Inner wiping apparatus and method for flexible open-ended substrate


Murray, Jeffrey R. (Palmyra, NY, US)
Molaire, Michel F. (Rochester, NY, US)
Davey, Colin M. (Sodus Point, NY, US) 


NexPress Solutions LLC 

A cleaning brush and method for removing a coating solution from the inner end of a flexible, tubular substrate to be fitted over a mandrel or drum. After a tubular substrate is dipped endwise in a coating solution, some solution coats the inner face of the substrate at one end. By using moderate deformation of the substrate, changes to the profile of the cleaning brush, or both, the cleaning brush is fitted inside the end of the tubular substrate without damaging the substrate. The cleaning brush engages and cleans the substrate's inner surface. The substrate is then free from any coating so as to readily fit on the mandrel or drum.