Michel F. Molaire

Influence of melt viscosity on the writing sensitivity of organic dye-binder optical-disk recording media, Michel F. Molaire

Applied Optics, Vol. 27, Issue 4, pp. 743-746 (1988)




The writing sensitivity of dye-binder optical recording media has been defined as the rate of change in the recording response of the medium as a function of laser power. That response was measured by the electronic readout of the recorded pits and shown to be a function of the viscosity of the binder. The variation in dye-binder media sensitivity was 98% accounted for by variations in binder viscosity and writing laser power. For nonpolymeric systems, a more general regression model was formulated using the glass-transition temperature of the recording medium as a substitute for its viscosity. Thus, for any given dye-binder system, writing sensitivity can be largely predicted from the dye Tg, the binder Tg, and their relative concentration, assuming optimum optical efficiency.