Molaire Consulting

US 5,288,691 : Stabilizers for dye-donor element used in thermal dye transfer



Vanier, Noel R. (Fort Collins, CO)
Molaire, Michel F. (Rochester, NY)
Kovacs, Csaba A. (Rochester, NY)
Yacobucci, Paul D. (Rochester, NY) 


Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY) 
This invention relates to a dye-donor element for thermal dye transfer comprising a support having thereon a dye layer comprising an image dye in a polymeric binder, and wherein the dye layer also contains a stabilizer comprising a monomeric or oligomeric organic material having a glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C., the stabilizer:
a) being derived from a mixture of at least two different compounds, each having at least two linking components joining one multivalent organic nucleus with at least two organic nuclei, wherein at least one of the multivalent organic nucleus and the organic nuclei is a multicyclic aromatic nucleus; or
b) having a phenylindane moiety.